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In Light of Flowing Circumstances

Sound Installation by Tove Möller
Tove Möller has been inspired by the justice movement towards giving a legal right status to water. Rivers in New Zealand, Bangladesh, India and Colombia have gained these rights the past years but how their voices will be expressed is not yet fully clear.

The Ocean, the Mire, the Brook, the Plash and the River are gathered for a round table meeting. Besides from their unique sound - their voice -  each one of them is represented by a black flag and a speaker placed in a neatly stitched transparent box. The sounding waves are manifested in the water on the table between them.

In light of flowing circumstances

The meeting reflects a scenario, a conference, where waters meet as individuals to discuss pressing issues in a language that human beings do not understand. We can only listen, back down and contemplate. The meeting room is where we lay our trust. The installation lifts out voices of species and phenomenon on our planet that communicate in vibes and frequencies we are not yet attuned to. 

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