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Listening to the Past: Soundscapes and Sonic History at Rosenborg Castle


Christine Jeanneret
OCTOBER 27, 2022, 14.15-16.00, LUX:C214

Can we listen to the past with our modern ears? What are the challenges of reconstructing a sonic history? Project SOUND: Soundscapes of Rosenborg is an innovative research in sonic history, with a time-specific and site-specific approach. Christine studies the soundscapes and everyday life during the seventeenth century at the Danish court. Rosenborg is quite a unique case in Europe, with extremely well-preserved interiors and its exceptional collection of the “skatkammer”, full of artefacts producing sound, noise, but also objects that have been silenced. 

The court was a site of power and sociability and as such it represents a privileged space to study etiquette, privacy, gender, and rituals through its sonic aspects. Early modern courts had little by way of visual privacy. What could be heard or not is therefore highly significant. Aurality, or the shared hearing of written texts, defines a community, and includes not only the royal families, but also servants and visitors across several social classes, along with animals, carriages, kitchens and food, gardens, entertainments, and music.

Christine Jeanneret

Ansiktsbild på Christine Jeanneret

Christine Jeanneret is a musicologist and currently works as associate professor at the Centre for Privacy Studies at the University of Copenhagen and Rosenborg Castle as the PI of SOUND, an innovative research project aiming at listening, hearing and reconstructing the soundscapes of the Danish court. How did the past sound and how can we reconstruct it with immersive dynamic exhibitions? Her research focuses on early modern music, sound and court studies, with a particular interest for performance and staging, the body on stage, cultural exchanges and gender studies.