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Child & Noise


2017-03-17 genomförde Ljudmiljöcentrum det tvärvetenskapliga symposiet "Child & Noise - How does the child experience sound environment?"

Child and Noise

International interdisciplinary symposium aimed at shedding light on how the sound environment may affect the child, spanning from the prenatal stage to the young person enjoying loud music. We too seldom ask how the child him/herself perceives the sound environment.


Karin Stjernqvist (moderator) Prof. em. Psychology, Lund university, Barnakademin i Lund
Birth process and muted light and sound at time of entry to the world

Jenny Selander PhD, Assistant prof. Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Occupational noise affecting stress levels of mother and child

Minna Houtilainen Docent, University of Helsinki and Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala University
What electromagnetic brain responses reveal of the fetal and neonatal auditory exposure and learning

Mette Sörensen
Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen

Ulrika Åden prof. Neonatalogy, Karolinska Institutet
The impacts of maternal singing during kangaroo care on mothers and infants

Irene van Kamp PhD. National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Utrecht, Netherlands
Long-term effects of exposure to noise in (early) childhood: a life-course approach

Kerstin Person Waye prof. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg
Health implications of early preschool noise exposure

Viveka L Åhlander Docent. Logopedy, Lund university, Board member of Sound Environment Center at Lund univeristy
The classroom as a shared work-environment

Jonas Christenson Acoustic consultant, Ecophon, St.Gobain, Sweden
How room acoustics affect students and teachers

Kristofer Hansson Ethnology, Culture studies, LU
Hearing impaired youth, outsiderness versus participation

Kim Kähäri Audiologist, Sahlgrenska academy, Neuroscience and Physiology, Gothenburg

Margareta Bohlin
Music and risks in an existential and gendered world - A current social challenge

Bridget Shield prof. em. Acoustics, London South Bank University, Great Britain
Effects of noise on children's learning and performance