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See the Sound!


2019-05-24 Sound Environment Centre's "See the Sound - visualisation of sound in society, research, art & music" seminar

"See the sound" poster

Visual representations of sound have become both important and common with the digitization of sound and signal processing and is today a tool for managing and studying the world of sound. Visual representations of sound are used in many different places in society and in the most diverse contexts; in research, in media, music and music production, medicine, acoustics, urban and traffic planning and art. Visualization of sound can cancel the flow of time when it comes to orienting oneself in a sound stream and allows completely new ways to acquire knowledge about sound, whether it is noise or music! However, the roads to visualization are not without problems and have both stray paths and dead ends, but are still very fascinating!

The Sound Environment Center has gathered research perspectives from different areas where visualization of sound in different ways plays a role in extracting knowledge or manipulating sound in pitch, time and timbre.

Prof em Johan Sundberg, avd för tal, musik & hörsel, KTH, Stockholm
Prof Jens Holger Rindel, akustik DTU, Danmark
Prof Håkan Lundström, Malmö Musik Högskola
Doc Sanne Krogh Groth, Musikvetenskap, kulturvetenskapliga institutionen, LU
Prof Max Liljefors, Konstvetenskap, kulturvetenskapliga institutionen, LU
Phd Gunnar Cerwén, SLU
Sverker Zadig, MHM, Spyken.
Akustiker Mikael Ögren, Arbets- och Miljömedicin, Göteborg