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Cure for Humanity

Premiere May 5

Soltorget is a place in the heart of the city, frequented by visitors from all continents. They speak different languages, carry different cultures (social and bacterial) and they have different beliefs. This difference is what gives the world of people its colour, but it is also a source of misunderstanding, conflicts, at times wars and other traumatic events of global scale. The human voices are however perfectly capable of communicating their presence, transcending the necessity of verbal expression. The vowels alone, being an articulation of human breathing, provide the very essence which all languages and religious chants can be reduced to. CURE FOR HUMANITY is a choral in a non-existing language, performed by artificial voices, aiming to create a common environment equally peaceful or equally attractive – even if uncomfortable – to humans from all corners of the world.

COH is the musical alias of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian-Swedish musician, sound artist and engineer. His music is available on Editions Mego, Raster-Noton, Eskaton, and Rotorelief. COH can be read in both Cyrillic and Latin, meaning ”dream” and ”sleep” in Russian. 

Commissioned work for Ljudbänken c/o Soltorget (2020).  

Human head. Illustration.
Illustration: © Yuu Omiya