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Say it with a smile! The impact of your voice, on yourself and others


Petter Johansson
OCTOBER 6, 2022, 14.15-16.00, LUX:C214

Petter Johansson will introduce a new methodology to explore the impact of the emotionality expressed in the human voice. This signal has evolved to inform as well as to influence others: when I sound happy it makes you glad; when there is anger in my voice, what I say carries more weight. But how aware are we of the emotional signals we send? And when we express an emotion, do we also influence ourselves by listening to our own voice?

To investigate this, Petter and his research group have adapted techniques from the field of machine voice synthesis to create a platform that can alter the emotional quality of people’s speech in real time (e.g., in the direction of happiness, sadness and fear), without imparting any delays that break the natural conversational flow. 

Petter Johansson

Ansiktsbild på Petter Johansson

Petter Johansson is associate professor in cognitive science at Lund University. Behind him, he has studies in philosophy and psychology, a doctorate in cognitive science and post-doc studies in Tokyo and London.

Petter Johansson giving a lecture

Petter Johansson has developed the concept of choice blindness together with his colleague Lars Hall. The concept has been shown to be applicable in a number of experimental studies. Four of them were presented in Petter Johansson's doctoral thesis, which was published in 2006.