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Chmury / Clouds / Moln

PREMIERE September 29, 2023

Marta Forsbergs work ”Chmury / Clouds / Moln” for the Sound Bench is an attempt to portray a room of inborn 'in-betweenship'. To grow up with two different kulturens but in one society, the ability to camouflage oneself and appear in different rooms – ”przestają być te, zaczynają być inne” / ”ceases being them, begins being different”. ”Chmury / Clouds / Moln” is a declaration of love for the in-betweenship, a state simultaneously restless and locked out, liberating and sky white.

Profile picture Marta Forsberg. Photo.
Photo: Thomasz Forsberg.

Marta Forsberg is a composer, sound artist and musician working within the field of installation art and electronic music. Dedicated to creating an immersive environment, her work explores intimacy in music and performance through minimalist sound and light sculptures - a sonic visualisation. 

The work was ordered by Audiorama c/o Tensta (2018).