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Concepts of:


The collaboration between INTONAL Festival and Inter Arts Center continues in 2023 with a further dive into the acousmonium practice, this time featuring both new and historical productions of acousmatic music. The Sound Environment Centre is happy to be part of this collaboration, by joining science and music for a concert entitled “Concepts of:”.

Abstract image. Representation of Physics through a yellow illustration against a black background

In the sound work Concepts of:, two composers and three university researchers question accepted models of various phenomena in their respective fields. By working with the possibilities of a multi-channel acousmonium, with three-dimensional, electronic, acousmatic music, in interaction with scientific models, they have tried to create new frameworks that can mutually inspire the areas concerned.

In Concepts of:, representations of fundamental physical concepts (eg, particles in motion, scattering, diffusion, and condensation) are building blocks of a shorter composition for multichannel acousmonium.

The project group's two composers have different musical backgrounds, and thus different approaches, but both work with spatial, acousmatic compositions. The three researchers are active in aerosol technology, particle physics and ubiquitous computing/machine learning.

Saturday, April 29, 20:00
Inter Arts Center, Malmö
Location: Red Room


Christina Isaxon, assistant professor, Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, Lund University 

Leif Lönnblad, professor, Theoretical Particle Physics, Lund University 

Kent Olofsson, composer 

Jakob Riis, composer and electroacoustic musician

Håkan Jonsson, Applied Science Manager, Algorithmic Privacy & Fairness, Zalando