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The physiological and psychological impact of sound and noise



The talk will guide you through sound and noise's different impact on physiological and psychological health and wellbeing.
How, where and to what kind of noise are we exposed? How will this affect our current, and future, health? What are the noise effects for the society, population and individual?
Why do we experience noise and sounds differently and how might this effect us and our sourrounding?

The physiological and psychological impact of sound and noise

Emilie Stroh

Emilie Stroh has a PhD within epidemiology and is currently active as a researcher at the Medical faculty at Lund University within the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Her research involves, among other things, studies in the physical and psychological effects from sound and noise disturbances from traffic as well as within office and school environments. She has also previous knowledge from investigating health effects from noise disturbances as an environmental hygienist at Lund University Hospital.