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The Aesthetic Expression of Music Research

Art as result and process of thought

2019-10-25 organised Sound Environment Centre in collaboration with The Royal Swedish Academy of Music a whole day of seminars entitled: "The Aesthetic Expression of Music Research" at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.

Aesthetic Music Research

Even though the artistic doctoral degree in Sweden has not reached the age of ten years, research in music through artistic and aesthetic expression has been around much longer. Historically we find many examples of artists that have approached their practice with a research attitude, as well as sound and music researchers working in close contact with aesthetic practices.

The seminar provides examples of research practices in and through music and related art forms, where practical and aesthetic forms are part of the intellectual process.

Among other, we encourage presenters and participants to discuss

  • how the results of the presented research can contribute to the present and future research field(s) of musical practices
  • how future artists and researchers can benefit from the field in general
  • how artistic research results can and should be disseminated
  • how artistic research projects may better position themselves against, and/or build on one another
  • and finally, what possibilities can be found in collaborative research between various disciplines - what should we aim at and what direction should such initiatives take?


Tracing the Steps of Artistic/Academic Research with Breathing Pauses
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
Professor, University of Westminister, UK

Research as a tool
Michael Edgerton
Professor, Musikhögskolan, Malmö

Participatory performance analysis: A case study on Cretan festivities
André Holzapfel
Assistant professor, KTH, Stockholm

What's in a score? Performer-composer collaboration around new music for the organ
Karin Johansson
Professor, Musikhögskolan, Malmö

Rune Søchting
Sound Artist and PhD, Copenhagen

One ofteh hears about art's capacity to make a difference, but what does it actually mean? 
Åsa Stjerna
Sound artist/PhD GU, Göteborg

Sonic Argumentation. Artistic Research & Studies in Sound.
Sanne Krogh Groth
Associate professor/Director Sound Environment Centre, LU

Organised by:
Sanne Krogh Groth & Henrik Frisk

Sound Environment Centre, Lund University & The Royal Swedish Academy of Music