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Book Launch: Negotiating Noise - Across Places, Spaces and Disciplines

Webcast: 25 november, klockan 10:00 - 11:00 (CET)

The event will be in English

What is noise, where can it be heard, and what should we do with it?

These questions are answered in very different ways in the book Negotiating Noise Across Places, Spaces and Disciplines that came out in September 2021. The book is a result of transdisciplinary conversations at two workshops – one at Lund University and one at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus and bridges professional as well as cultural divides between 20 international noise researchers from ar­chitecture, anthropology, cultural history and theory, ethno- and his­torical musicology, digital culture, linguistics, medicine, musical com­position, sociology, sound design, sound art, and urban planning. The book’s first half presents 18 individual Position Papers. It brings these perspectives together in the second half through the publishing of 6 jointly authored Manifestos for the Future.

At the book launch we will hear from some of the authors featured in the book:  Christina Mediastika (ID) and Maria Albin (SE) will present their individual positions papers; Thulan Nguyen (VP/JA) will draw forth perspectives from her group’s Manifesto; Gilang Setiadi (ID) and Paul Hegarty (UK) will perform sessions of “noise-music” and the editors James G. Mansell (UK) and Sanne Krogh Groth (SE/DK) will host the event and present the overall concept.

All are very welcome to this transhemispheric online celebration.


Times in CET (Central European Time)

10:00 Welcome and introduction from Sanne and James
10:05 Gilang Setiadi & Paul Hegarty - Performance
Maria Albin position - Paper presentation
Christina Mediastika - Position paper presentation
Thulan Nguyen - Manifesto presentation
Paul Hegarty, Gilang Setiadi & Adam Butcher - Performance

10.40 Q&A and Discussion
11:00 Close