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Traces of Sound

Reflections of Sounds Unheard

Henrik Frisk (ed)
Sanne Krogh Groth (ed)

What is sound when it is not heard? How does this unheard sound affect us? What might such sound reveal to us and how would we know? How do we recall sounds when their sources are no longer accessible? Traces of Sound. Reflections of Sounds Unheard invites scholars of music archae-ology, German literature, media technology, sound art, human perception and theoretical physics to reflect upon these questions from their various positions within the broad field of sound studies. The contributors’ answers, empirical material and methods are highly diverse, but they share inter-ests in sounds that are not necessarily heard, how these sounds can be traced, and what stories they might tell. The book is an outcome of the sympo-sium Spår av Ljud (Traces of Sound), organized on the occasion of The Swedish Royal Academy of Music’s 250th anniversary in 2021.