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An Attuning Approach to Sound Art and Design in Public Spaces


Marie Koldkjær Højlund
Webinar 22 september 13:15-15:00

"Working with sound design, music composition and sound art in various public spaces and across art forms call for an ecological and enactive methodology entailing investigations of actors and their interrelations with their respective environments as attuning and explorative agents. Based on my Ph.D. project on sound in Danish Hospitals (https://ebooks.au.dk/aul/catalog/book/211 ) I have thus developed a (dark) attuning approach as a methodological framework capable of accommodating both the multisensory atmosphere and the active engagement of the enactive user through practice-based experiments.

In the talk I wish to explore and develop this approach through my previous projects engaging a gigantic wind-mill controlling the tempo of music throughout a year in the project Nephew vs. Overheard, creating atmosphere design for new delivery rooms at Danish hospitals with nature photographer Morten Hilmer, imagining the sound world of a woman turning blind through interactive sound design for Dancer in the Dark at Aarhus Theatre and placing a range of sound installations around Denmark mixed together through audio satellites on a website throughout 2017 in the project The Overheard."

Marie Koldkjær Højlund


Marie is Assistant Professor in Sound Studies at Audio Design, Department of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, Denmark. PhD in Audio Design with a dissertation about sound and noise in Danish Hospitals entitled “Overhearing - An Attuning Approach to Noise in Danish Hospitals” (2017).

Marie is an active sound artist and composer and a part of the bands Kh Marie & Nephew. During her work she has been engaged in designing sound environments and installations for various public spaces and hospitals, including the Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture project The Overheard.